Little Steps Create Big Dreams

Little Steps Create Big Dreams

4 Comments 22 June 2013

How many times have you wanted something to be different in your life, but when you think about making the changes necessary for it to happen, it just seems unachievable? It could be losing weight, earning a college degree or some special […]

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The Spirit of the Heart

The Spirit of the Heart

1 Comment 13 April 2013

When I operate on each and every patient and I open their flesh, a steamily, spirit like vapor can be seen emanating from their body. I have often wondered if in reality it is their spirit. And, once that spirit has vanished, will they still be alive except for the life sustaining machines we have […]

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End Toxic Relationships

How to End Toxic Relationships

2 Comments 02 February 2013

Toxic relationships usually form for a reason. It is important to do some inner work to figure out why you formed this particular toxic relationship so you can address that need in your life and move on. For example, maybe you are suffering from a low self-esteem. Or maybe you fear being alone[…]

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How Practicing Minimalism can Make You Happier

5 Comments 30 December 2012

Buying things tends to beget buying more things. It’s like eating sugar: The more you eat, the more you seem to want it. The more you buy, the more you seem to need to purchase. It’s a vicious cycle that makes it hard to ever feel satisfied with what you have. As a result, people […]

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Speed reading

Reading Efficiently – Tips and Tricks

2 Comments 17 October 2012

It is common knowledge that reading takes time – a lot of time. Because of this, many people attempt to read at a quicker pace. When done properly, speed reading can greatly benefit an individual’s life, but when someone simply tries to absorb as much information in as little time possible, they won’t get very […]

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Obtaining Resilience

Obtaining Resilience

3 Comments 30 September 2012

Cancer, a double mastectomy, having her uterus and ovaries removed, gangrene: How much can one woman take? Nicole, a single mom, could obviously take a lot. Not only did she overcome her illnesses, she got promoted in the process […]

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Ethics Lessons from the Olympic Games

Going for the Gold in Life Decisions: Ethics Lessons from the Olympic Games

2 Comments 05 August 2012

As people all over the world gather around their television sets in the next weeks to celebrate athletic excellence, I’m sure we’ll be treated to more than a few awe-inspiring moments: people defying the predictions to win medals, people overcoming insurmountable odds to finish with dignity, people inspiring us all to get up off our […]

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Why finding a Mentor can be the best decision youll ever make

Why finding a Mentor can be the best decision you’ll ever make

6 Comments 26 June 2012

The quickest way of arriving at your destination is using a map, or a shortcut if you will. The mentor has been there before and therefore can guide you towards your goal. They will not do the work for you, but they can listen as you work through the problems you are facing and point […]

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