The Spirit of the Heart

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Ismael Nuño, MDDr. Nuño was in the US Army for a period of ten years. He was Deputy Commander of 5th MASH Unit during the Gulf War in Desert Storm. The last 15 years of his career were as Chief of Cardiac Surgery at LAC+USC Medical Center in Los Angeles, California. His latest book The spirit of the heart is now available at Amazon. For more information, please visit
The Spirit of the Heart

When I operate on each and every patient and I open their flesh, a steamily, spirit like vapor can be seen emanating from their body.

I have often wondered if in reality it is their spirit. And, once that spirit has vanished, will they still be alive except for the life sustaining machines we have them connected to?

I have had patients on the brink of death only to come back to life. When I tell this to the patient’s loved ones they cry and they tell me how their prayer brought the patient back from an eternal journey. The more I performed surgery throughout my career the more I became convinced that there is a spirit to behold and to love in every one of us.

When a baby is born and takes its first breath that child is condemned to take its last. When the last breath of life comes out, is that the spirit leaving the mortal body of a once human being? Many times, after surgery and my patient is now awake from the anesthetic I will ask them what they remembered of the surgery.

Many of them describe an out of body experience during the anesthetic where they see themselves freely circulating around the operating room and seeing us as surgeons perform their surgery. Sometimes they remember specific aspects of the surgery and they “suggest” that they guided our hands as surgeons to carry out a successful procedure.

The subconscious, anesthetic phenomena of the brain and spirits may intermingle with one and all.

“…Sometimes after witnessing the death of a patient, I think of the effort that human beings put into their struggle to stay alive. I feel that their spirit continues as energy to give us evidence that their will to live carries on.

Is there an afterlife? Are spirits, once they leave flesh, free to roam around? Are the spirits acting in a purposeful way to communicate with us? Is there still something that they wish to tell us? Was the story not fully told? There are stories within me that are incredible when I remember them, and even more incredible when I describe them…”

(Excerpt from The Spirit of the Heart).

Here is a recommended video to elevate your energy – Native American Spirit Meditation.


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