The secret- Influencing our reality

4 Comments 14 June 2008

the secretIn quantum physics it’s been proven that the observer influences the experiment. But what does it mean? and how does it relate to us?

Well as humans we observe all the time so according to the facts we change our reality just by our attention.By intending something to happen we influence the fabric of life itself. so how come our lives don’t look like we want them to?

The answer lies in our subconsciousness . We usually don’t intend consciously and even if we do we insert our fears with the intention and thus contradict it. Have you ever asked something from god repeatedly? we do it because deep down we don’t believe we will get it .

Do you really believe that god listen to your requests and he says ok to some maybe to others or he refuses all together? is it not more logical that he created us in his own image “Let us make man in our image” ? meaning he gave us the power to create our own lives using our intention.

In order to create something in our life we need to see it in our mind and feel as if it’s allready there. Another great way is to praise the things we allready have. The basic law is what you concentrate at grows and what you neglect withers. For example if you buy a car and in the begining you’re enthusiastic and you probably see the model of your car everwhere you go, But as time passes you begin to notice other cars your car doesn’t seem so great now, and naturally your car will start to work worse because your intention is elsewhere.

Some people don’t want to believe in it because if they are the sole creators of their lives then they can’t be victims of the circumstances. However realizing that you control your destiny can be liberating. Because then you know that just as you created all the negative things in your life you can create the positive. You can create everything you dreamed of and more.

here is a great video about the connection between Quantum physics and Consciousness

String theory tells us that the universe consists of tiny strings and according to one theory our intentions influence the strings that constituent the universe.Our thoughts vibrate at a certain frequency that influences the frequency of the strings.

here is a short video that explains all about string theory.

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  1. Jade says:

    Great blog here with a good grammar. I recently just Jumped here from another blog, My my grammar was pathetic.. Anyway Great post

  2. Gonzalez says:

    I really liked your blog!Good Grammar , very different from those blogs where written english prefers to be the last word they have learned


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