The purpose of life- Live your life to the fullest

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purpose of lifeWhat is the purpose of life?
contrary to what many believe life is not a school. Although souls do have specific lessons they want to experience each reincarnation.

Here is how it all started.
god wanted to experience himself as he is(love ,compassion,empathy etc) . He couldn’t do that in the state he was, because how can you know that you are loving if everything around you is love? Only if we experience fear or see other people experience it we can know that we are loving. So god divided himself into fractions, each fraction has the characteristics of the whole.Each fraction is like a drop of ocean. Then god created matter and all the dualities(good & bad, love & fear). As a result each fraction could know himself as he truly is and know all the other fractions.

In a way good needs as much as we need him.It’s through us that he can know himself and explore all of his facets and of course we need him for life itself, he gives us live every second.

Basically the purpose of life is never ending evolution. Each soul strives to raise it’s awareness and be fully present. The ultimate desire of the soul is to be enlightened, to be united with god on earth.

In addition each individual has a purpose in life, something he is willing to do even without getting paid something that fills him with joy.It’s up to us to find it.

Here is a technique that can be useful. Sit in a quite place make sure you won’t be disturbed. Then if you contemplate between two or more paths ask yourself how do you feel about a specific path? Then wait for an answer, an answer can come as a body sensation or an emotion.What ever it is listen to it even if you have doubts follow your intuition, because it will lead you further than you thought possible .

here is a great video about the purpose of life.


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