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Learning for Joy

9 Comments 15 September 2011

One obvious reason to pursue the joy of learning is for one to qualify oneself for better employment. Economic statistics state that educated workers with a bachelor’s degree in the United States earn around 60 percent more than those with a high school diploma.Adding to the happiness of extended education, the economic benefits of doing […]

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How to Feel Good Without Breaking the Bank

10 Comments 15 April 2011

The feel-good sensation after you give someone on the street a cup of hot chocolate on a chilly morning actually has a name: the “helper’s high.” According to The New York Sun, psychologists say that charitable actions induce endorphin activity in the brain—these are the body’s natural “happy hormones” that are released when we exercise […]

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Radical Acceptance

17 Comments 31 March 2011

Individuals who have undergone radical acceptance describe the experience as being liberating, as if seeing clearly after drowning in a thick fog. The term refers to a skill taught within dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), originally developed by Marsha M. Linehan to treat individuals with borderline personality disorder. […]

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15 Ways To Be Happier

8 Comments 06 January 2011

Express love and gratitude often. What you say could intensify what you feel. So when you say “I love you” often, it becomes a reaffirmation as much as it is just words. The same with saying “thank you” makes you happy. Speaking the words open that door of realization why you’re grateful, and then increase […]

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Learned Helplessness And The Road To Recovery

18 Comments 30 September 2010

Three groups of dogs were involved, all of them in harnesses, Group One being in the harnesses for a short period and later released. For dogs in Group Two, pressing on a lever could stop the electric shock administered to them, but dogs in Group Three had no control over the duration of the shock. […]

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How To Integrate New & Joyful Beliefs into Your Life

14 Comments 31 July 2010

There are a couple of ways to go about directing your focus which can help you achieve the integration of a new beliefs so that they feel natural to you. The ways we wish to share with you today give you the option of going about this integration smoothly and slowly over a period of […]

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Six Ways Spirituality Can Boost Wellness

13 Comments 17 April 2010

Expect very little: I always teach my children that expectation is the root cause of disappointment. When you expect other people to make you happy or relieve your sadness, you’re only building a dependence that could become addictive and unhealthy. Instead, trust your own mind and heart and find constructive ways to build your self-esteem […]

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Self Help Tactics To Reduce Depression

40 Comments 20 September 2009

If you ever feel exhausted, worthless, helpless, or hopeless, there is a possibility you are suffering from depression. Several steps can be taken to treat this condition. If you are interested in self-help, there are resources available that can help you get on the right track to feeling more confident and better about yourself. Self-help […]

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