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Stop Panic Attacks

7 Creative Ways to Stop Panic Attacks

9 Comments 14 October 2011

She was having second thoughts on whether or not to take the flight to Chicago. She always fears flying, even the thought of it. She can’t seem to dismiss some crazy thought that something bad will happen the minute the plane takes off. She took it anyway. As the plane was gearing to take off, […]

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Learned Helplessness And The Road To Recovery

18 Comments 30 September 2010

Three groups of dogs were involved, all of them in harnesses, Group One being in the harnesses for a short period and later released. For dogs in Group Two, pressing on a lever could stop the electric shock administered to them, but dogs in Group Three had no control over the duration of the shock. […]

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How Writing Can Save Your Life

26 Comments 17 November 2009

This is a guest post by B. Lynn Goodwin. Lynn is a freelance writer, editor, teacher, former caregiver, and the author of You Want Me To Do WHAT? – Journaling for Caregivers (Tate Publishing), which can be purchased at Amazon, through Writer Advice, or from your local bookstore. She is published in numerous anthologies, magazines, […]

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How to Overcome The Fear of Failure

10 Comments 24 March 2009

Usually the children who are good at something and talented are lauded and feted by society; there’s no room for the also-rans and the jack-of-all-trades in a world where you have to excel academically, have a flair for the arts, sing like a bird, dance like a peacock, play like a jock, and so on […]

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Religion- Fear, Deception and Rock and Roll

9 Comments 06 September 2008

Out of all the dictionary definitions to the word Religion my favorite is “a particular system of faith and worship.” That is what religion really is it’s a system of rules and “ways” to reach god or some higher force. Whenever someone is saying something to me I always try to think why is he […]

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Self Acceptance and The Art of Loving Yourself – The Sequel

No Comments 27 July 2008

In my previous post about this subject I wrote about self acceptance and loving yourself. In this post I want to elaborate and tell you an interesting allegory I recently read. One man was so troubled by the look of his shadow and felt so detested by his footprints and steps, that he decided to […]

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Treating Anxiety – Even More Techniques

4 Comments 13 July 2008

This post is concentrated with lots of Techniques try to use each of them in different scary situations. One of the most effective techniques is to ask what is the worse that can happen? Say you have a job interview that you dread. You can ask yourself what’s the worse thing that can happen if […]

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Treating Anxiety – The Techniques

12 Comments 12 July 2008

In my previous post I wrote about anxiety. In this post I want to elaborate and specify specific techniques to overcome anxiety. First of all there are basically two ways to treat anxiety: 1) with medicine. 2) other techniques. If you choose medication even if it helps in the short run, in the long run […]

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