Mind Body and Spirit – Understanding how we operate.

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Recently more and more people realize that there is more to us than just the body. In this post I’ll describe the mind-body-spirit interact connections and how to empower each of them.

The Body

Most people don’t nurture their body enough. As an evidence take a look at obesity statistics. Nowadays more people are obese than ever before. Nurturing the body is a decision and as such it should be taken daily.

Some people use an excuse that they are spiritual and the body isn’t and hence they concentrate on whats important meaning the spirit. Yet the body is connected to, and is a part of the spirit and the mind. For instance when you slouch you feel differently than when you are poised. In this case the body effects the mind causing you to feel happy or sad. Make an experiment, grin and at the same time try to feel sad. can you feel sad?

This means that we can influence our emotions through our body. Simply grin as much as you can even if it’s not feeling real at the beginning, in the end it will become real.

Our body has an intelligence of it’s own. It knows what to do when you’re hurt and how much food you need to eat when you are hungry. If only we listened to the body more often many of our problems were solved.

The Mind

The mind is usually overlooked. Most people try not to think. They link pain with thinking. Our mind is very important and it constantly effects the body. Contrary to many beliefs there are no good or bad thoughts. However as Ralph Waldo Emerson said- “We become what we think about all day long” . There are thoughts that empower us and there are thoughts that dis empower us.

It’s been proven that many types of diseases are caused due to negative thoughts. Our thoughts create our reality literally. Fortunately we have a mechanism in our body that helps us decide whether our thoughts are contributing or not. Whenever you feel uncomfortable sensation in your body, particularly while thinking a specific thought, it’s the body that reminds you to change your thought to something more pleasant.

Although our thoughts don’t seem tangible they are part of us and therefore can’t be separated from us.

To nourish the mind read daily, try to think and don’t accept everything as granted.

The spirit

The spirit is the most slandered of the three. Many claim it doesn’t exist because it can’t be seen, heard or touched. To these people I usually say that so are the atoms. Long ago before the invention of the microscope people couldn’t prove that there are in fact atoms. However that didn’t deny the fact that they have always existed.

Of the three the spirit is the boss. When it decides to leave the body we die and there is nothing we can do about it. Just like the mind and the body the spirit needs nourishment too. Meditation, reflection and expressing love are all ways to nourish the spirit.

A good indicator for how well you nourish the spirit is checking how many hours you need to sleep. When we are asleep our spirit travels to other worlds and isn’t limited to the body. To the extent she isn’t nourished she needs freedom from our body.

As you can see our mind body and spirit are interconnected and work as one. It’s a sophisticated and genius system.

Here is a great comprehensive video about mind body and spirit medicine.

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  2. Trevor says:

    Where do you find all your information to write so many different posts on your blog?

    Not to often have I come across a blog like yours that has so much good information on it like this one.

    Looking forward to reading your blog in the near future.
    Trevor´s last blog post ..How To Tone Your Stomach And Lose Tummy Fat

  3. Love your blog, read your article and enjoyed it. Thanks in advance.


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