Meditation- The portal to heaven

6 Comments 16 June 2008

meditationRecently the west proved what the east knew long ago,meditation is good for you.There are a lot of benefits to meditation,firstly it makes you calm, it heals, it makes you feel better and moreover it can help develop your ESP. Often after the meditation people see things more clearly.

There are a lot of techniques and styles. In this post I will cover three methods.

The first is called Zazen. Zazen literally means seated meditation. The process is simple ,you sit in a comfortable place not too comfortable so you won’t get drowsy (the sitting instructions fit all three methods) and then you try to clear your head of thoughts. When a thought comes to mind and you realize that you’re thinking just let go, be patient it takes time and practice.

The second method is to concentrate your attention on an inanimate object, candle or a rose can do the job. Simply concentrate your attention and block any other information.

The third and my favorite is to concentrate your attention on your breathing, breath only through your nose in and out. Breath deeply from your stomach not your lungs. by breathing deeply you inhale more oxygen which in turn helps your cells stimulate the lymph system and the body. Therefore after this meditation you feel refreshed and rejoiced.

All three methods can be done with eyes closed or open. Experiment with all three. Don’t make a job out of it, it supposed to be fun if it’s not fun stop trying and try another day. It’s not supposed to be long either you should meditate between ten to fifteen minutes top.

Here is another form of meditation try it out.

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  1. Sam says:

    Great post. keep them coming.

  2. Pls. try buddhist meditation. I recommend. Its easy and simply.

  3. Wonderful post! Very easy to understand and follow. Great site also!

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  5. Medit says:

    Meditation provides very relaxing and emotionally uplifting. It’s a good idea to take given advice to improve ones meditate.
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