How To Integrate New & Joyful Beliefs into Your Life

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This is a guest post by Michelle Mettler. Michelle is a spiritual writer, teacher and guide. Through her teachings she helps people align with their true selves or who-they-really-are. You can read more of Michelle’s teachings and receive guidance on a variety of topics at Leading by Your joy is calling. Will you listen?

You all have certain ideas or beliefs which serve you well on the planet, and others where the idea you hold inhibits expression of who-you-really-are or your true, joyful self.

Of course, you all wish to come into alignment with who-you-really-are in order to experience life as good.

The greater alignment with your true self you allow, the more aligned you are with goodness in all its forms including the experience of love, joy, peace, and oneness. Allow love, joy, peace and oneness into your life experience and, at the same time, all-that-is-good enters your physical environment.

There will be greater physical, material goodness as a reflection of the goodness felt within. Therefore, there is no need to fear that in focusing upon your inner selves that the outer is somehow neglected.

If we were in your physical shoes, we would allow ourselves to focus on the integration of helpful, positive thoughts, ideas and beliefs rather than the elimination of the negative. The existence of either a negative or positive belief relies solely upon your choice of focus.

Choose to focus on the negative idea or thought or belief then that belief exists. Choose to remove your focus from it, then it no longer exists.

There are a couple of ways to go about directing your focus which can help you achieve the integration of a new beliefs so that they feel natural to you. The ways we wish to share with you today give you the option of going about this integration smoothly and slowly over a period of time, or more quickly in a shorter period of time.

Neither method is recommended above the other. It is simply a matter of preference. They are both valid and helpful ways of getting from where you are to where you want to be.

The integration of a new thought or belief as natural to you requires first that you know what you want. Once you know what you want, you can allow yourself to go ahead in choosing a method in order to allow the integration of that experience into your life.

Two Methods for integrating new beliefs

1The gradual integration of a new belief over a period of time occurs when you realize that there are already aspects of your current life situation that are representative of the belief, thought or idea that you wish to integrate. When you choose to see aspects of your current environment that represent the good feeling nature of the belief you wish to integrate – regardless of how small of a space they currently occupy in your life – your mind will begin the adjustment process.

Slowly choosing to see aspects of your current life situation which are conducive to and in alignment with your new belief will allow you to start gathering further evidence in that area.

The power of your focus will allow the reality around you to shift in such a way that you will start to gather evidence. You will start to understand in small increments that the new belief could have some truth to it, that there is truth to the new belief.

The evidence will grow in time with the power of your focus. It will not bring abrupt change into your life or discomfort in any way. You will simply and gradually adjust your focus thereby simply and gradually aligning yourself with a new life experience.

In time your life experience will be representative of the new belief, however, it will no longer seem like a new belief. You have been focusing for such a long period of time that things have shifted beautifully and elegantly in the direction that you have desired for your life.

There are always examples of what you want to be experiencing around you. If there were not, you would not have come into the consciousness of that option being available to you. All you really need for this method to work, is look for representations of what you want in ever increasing amounts.

That is all. And soon your whole life experience will be filled with evidence confirming and supporting your new desired thought, idea or belief.

2 There is one very good method we like to use with some humans who are ready to move at a somewhat quicker pace. The fact of the matter is you must be extremely open to experiencing something else in a very short period of time. If you are not very open to change, you will not be able to go ahead with this method.

Once you have identified the good feeling thought or belief, then we would outwardly choose to sit down and allow ourselves to feel right now the whole of what our reality would be if we adopted that new belief. We would imagine every aspect of our reality now as if we were living, experiencing and believing that new thought about ourselves or our world.

We would allow our imagination to take us in the direction we want to go. Allow yourself to experience fully what the integration of your new idea or belief would mean for your life. Feel. See. Hear. Taste. Relax into it. Allow the emotion of it. Enjoy the sensation of it.

Feeling-visualization is the most powerful technique for drawing toward you anything you wish to experience, whether that be a material possession, a new life experience or a belief. Allowing what you want to fill your senses will fully and quickly invite what it is you are looking for into your current situation.

The previous technique – if applied consistently – can draw a beautiful integration within several months. This technique, if done well, can instigate almost instant integration of a new belief and consistent physical manifestations in accordance with that new belief within a month.

In choosing to fill your senses with what it is you want to experience, your reality shifts before your very eyes. It will accommodate how you feel regardless of the current reality of the situation around you.

Neither method we have described today is superior or inferior. You have all come to the planet to align further with your true selves. There are many ways of going about that on the surface. Underneath the goal is the same. Enjoy the process, whatever you choose.

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  1. Krystle says:

    I’ve always believed that life and happiness is what you make it, but I find it hard to put those words into action. Interesting insight though, I will try to apply them. Thanks! :)
    Krystle´s last blog post ..Second Chakra Balancing – Symptoms and Benefits

  2. queuelish says:


    great forum lots of lovely people just what i need

    hopefully this is just what im looking for, looks like i have a lot to read.

  3. sonneandgone says:

    Fantastic website I enjoyed reading your information

  4. LeupoldEst says:

    pretty cool stuff here thank you!!!!!!!

  5. FishHawk says:

    “Spirituality and Self Help” has been included in this weeks A Sunday Drive. I hope this helps to attract even more new visitors here.
    FishHawk´s last blog post ..A Bi-Polar Christian Patriot

  6. Hoigree says:

    New here, found the site trough google and truly like it here, will enjoy my stay here :)

  7. With this great post, I am excited to read the next one! It’s helpful, interesting, a great challenge and somehow fills voids that many people have. So this should do them good like it did me.

    As I said, I look forward to the next post. It would sure be another source of practical wisdom. Good luck!
    arina nikitina´s last blog post ..Edmund Hillary- The Man Who Conquered Mt Everest

  8. Online says:

    hey your blog design is very nice, neat and fresh and with updated content, make people feel peace and I always enjoy browsing your site.

    – Norman

  9. adelzidan says:

    Happy new year, Integrating new and joyful Beliefs into my Life, in fact, is integrating new life in my life; what is inside reflect the outside, just I have to make the inside positive

  10. scott16 says:

    I find this more deterring then anything. If we as people are to seek who-we-really-are, to experience life in a better way, this does not mean we are to find a more positive lifestyle. Also, the notion of “oneness” is not an experience but it refers more to who-we-really-are. We are all powerful in our own way, and there are many ways to, so to speak, find ourselves.

    I do like this post, however it’s not convincing. There are far better and more realistic ways to approach how to better ourselves.

  11. Hughe M. says:

    Very interesting post..more better and more realistic ways to approach how to be a better person.
    thanks for sharing..
    Hughe M.´s last blog post ..Why We Make Use Of An Oral Formula

  12. John Ptacek says:


    I respectfully submit that the last thing we need is to dream up a new batch of beliefs. One clear-eyed look at the world will tell us that a clash of beliefs is at the base of nearly all the violence in the world. It is because we are more warmed by our beliefs than we are by other human beings that the world is such a bloody mess.

    John Ptacek

  13. Michele says:

    Wonderful tips. I was just wondering who the ‘we’ is that this information is coming from. I feels to me like there is another entity speaking. In the first paragraph, it states that “You all have certain beliefs…” and to me that suggests that the author is separate from us humans. Please let me know.
    Michele´s last blog post ..Sowing the Seeds Within


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