How Can Past Life Regressions Help You?

9 Comments 22 May 2009

This is a guest post by Stephanie Riseley. Stephanie a writer, teacher, and hypnotherapist. You can read a few chapters from her book or visit her website. Stephanie is participating in the WOW! Women On Writing Blog Tour.spiral

Hi there! I’m here today because my husband, Dan, who was a nice Jewish lawyer and a skeptical scientist, died in my arms, and then “came back” from the In Between and connected with me – both emotionally and physically, and yes! Sexually.

My book, Love From Both Sides – A True Story of Soul Survival and Sacred Sexuality tells the story of a soul-connected love. But it’s actually a cautionary tale, because it tells what happens if one of the “soul-mates” in a relationship betrays the “agreements” made in the In Between.

My husband actually betrayed our “soul agreements,” and as a direct result of his betrayal, he died. Yes. He died. Now that’s not something I usually admit outright, but that’s the absolute truth. And that’s why he had to “come back.” He had to come back to apologize for not appreciating our life together more.

The book slaps you upside the head, and gets you to focus on the joy of living now. Fortunately, Dan had a great sense of humor, so Love From Both Sides is actually quite funny! And in reading it you will see that death is nothing to be afraid of. However, living a life that is not authentic and filled with joy, is what you should fear!

Past Life Regressions

I’m a hypnotherapist and I do Past Life Regressions. I trained with the wonderful psychiatrist, Brian Weiss, MD., who, like my husband, was a skeptic, but his experience changed his life. Many Lives, Many Masters, tells the story of his regressing a patient to find the origin of a phobia, and poof! He wound up 3000 years ago in Egypt.

In my own practice, I’ve helped many people understand “problematic” relationships and heal old wounds.

How does it work?

First, I put clients in a state of focused relaxation and then encourage them to find a pleasant childhood memory. That gives them an idea of how their own brain “sees” a memory because every brain is different. Then once they are comfortable, I ask if it’s okay to go to their birth experience. Many people remember being born, and it’s interesting for them to see it from this perspective.

Then, I give some more deepening suggestions, and from there – it all depends on the individual person – we find answers to the questions they want answered. No two people are the same, and so no two experiences are even similar.

A recent adventure into a Past Life

The other day, I got a phone message from a woman saying she needed an “Emergency Past Life Regression.” I thought, “Okay. This is a first!” But I talked to her and discovered that she had fallen head over heels in love with a handsome New York lawyer and now she felt crazy. She needed help and she needed it now.

Susan’s an attractive newly divorced woman of 53, who lives in Los Angeles. She’d met Trevor because she’d seen his picture at a friend’s house, and she knew she had to meet him! So she emailed him and before she knew it, she was in New York, where they had four fabulous, sexually explosive days. Trevor and Susan were so connected, they couldn’t keep apart. She came home to LA, and then Trevor flipped out – totally.

He said he wasn’t ready for this kind of relationship, and that he couldn’t do this now. It was too emotional. And that’s why she called me.

I led her back to a time in the early 1900s, in Boston. She saw herself as an extremely rich young woman, waiting on a park bench for her boyfriend. And she smiled, and said, “Oh, it’s Trevor! He’s a soda jerk – he’s wearing a funny stripped shirt.” She started to cry. “Oh, I feel so happy just to have him near me!” Then through a series of “going forward in time” suggestions, she saw her former life open up to her.

She saw her wonderfully protective parents who loved her, but told her that Trevor could never be a part their world, because he wasn’t of her class. And, because of that, they were going send her away to school.

And then, she saw herself older, newly graduated from college, with her Harvard lawyer soon-to-be husband in tow. Then, when she was about to be married, she saw herself at the top of a stairway dressed in white, she said, “I don’t want to do this! I still love Trevor! Why am I doing this? For my parents? For this town?” But she married the lawyer anyway, and had a very boring but good life with him.

She was “club lady,” who did volunteer work, but never loved like that again. Then one day, when she was in her 60s, now a grandmother in that lifetime, Trevor, who was now a widower, came to her house, flowers in hand. He’d become wildly successful as an ice cream manufacturer. She sat with him, and she said, “Oh, I feel as if someone has just watered my withered heart! I still love him so much!”

He wanted her to come away with him, but out of propriety, once again she didn’t follow her heart, she stayed in a marriage that was dead, and did as she was expected. And so when she died in that lifetime, I asked Susan what she needed to learn from that lifetime. “To follow my heart!”

Now you might wonder what happened? How did that help her? I advised her to just let Trevor come around. That the experience probably scared him (men scare so easily ; ^)) and to just send him love. But for her not to expect anything. And so she was able to understand the powerful emotions, and eventually, everything worked out very well.

Many of the relationships in your present lifetime, you’ve had before. Just honor and love who you love. And do it now! Don’t wait until the next lifetime, okay?

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  1. Joi says:

    Great article – You’ve given me a lot to think about. Good luck with your book, it sounds fascinating!

    Jois last blog post..Up For a Huge Dose of Inspiration?

  2. Hi Jois,

    Thanks so much! I think once we experience how interconnected we all are to the people in our lives — even the “more challenging” — it makes our lives richer. Also, provides lots of opportunities to grow spiritually. Sometimes, whether we want to or not! ; ^) Yes?


  3. irrendjib says:

    Hi, Congratulations to the site owner for this marvelous work you’ve done. It has lots of useful and interesting data.

  4. Hi

    Thank you for the article. Stephanie is a fascinating person.

    I just wanted to say that Stephanie will be appearing in an interview at Your Hypnotist Blog on 8th June and let me tell you she talks about many experiences in her life. I’m not just saying this, you will find the interview very interesting.

    Best Wishes

    Your Hypnotist

  5. shimon says:

    Thanks irrendjib and Andy Mitchell.
    Andy I love the design of your blog.

  6. Angelr says:

    Very interesting story and I know in my own life knowing what I was in my last one has really helped me. Hypnotherapy is such a great tool to allow people to understand themselves and live better lives. Thanks for the post.
    .-= Angelr´s last blog ..What is REM sleep? =-.

  7. Steve Wilson says:

    Hypnotherapy is the safest tool to fighting psychological conditions – phobias, depression, alcohol,smoking addiction…very true.. i agree with this post.
    Steve Wilson´s last blog post ..NLP Certified – Competencies for Practitioner Status

  8. Michele says:

    What a beautiful gift of knowing you received, Stephanie! And as with most gifts, it keeps on giving, for you it’s in the form of a book!
    Speaking from experience, knowing about your past-life, or lives, is a very valuable tool for self-awareness and acceptance.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Michele´s last blog post ..Getting Things Done

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