five Ideas To Improve Your Life

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In this post I’ve collected 5 beneficial ideas. You maybe familiar with some of them but do you implement them in your life?

1Utilize your opportunities. Al Pacino explains this principle in the video from the movie Any given Sunday.

Every day there is at least one thing you can do for yourself that will improve your life. These are the inches he talks about. Every little change we implement can dramatically change our life over time.

2Utilize Kaizen. Kaizen (from Japanese) means continuous improvement throughout all aspects of life. The Japanese know that daily activity no matter how small can make a difference and ultimately create the desired outcome. Toyota is one of the companies that uses Kaizen to improve their business.

Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better. — Jim Rohn

There are four main areas where you can focus: relationships, health, work and wealth,spirituality and personal growth. These areas are overlapping and as you’ll improve your skill in one of them you’ll see that the other areas are improving as well. All you need is a strong enough decision to change your life. Even if your life is great you can always improve and see that there is more.

3Understand how you operate. According to NLP we use three Representational systems: auditory ,visual and kinesthetic i.e. feelings. Every experience you have is processed by these systems. It easy to know which one you use at any given moment by looking at your eyes.

eye_cues VC – Visual Constructed Images
VR – Visual Remembered Images
AC – Auditory Constructed
AR – Auditory Remembered
F – Feeling / kinesthetic
AD – Auditory Digital-Internal Dialog

These standard eye directions will usually apply in the case of normally organized right-handed people. However People differ and not everyone will have the same pattern. By asking questions you can easily know their eye movement pattern.

To check for VC ask imaginary questions like how would you look like with a purple hair.
VR- How many traffic lights do you pass on the way to work?
AC- What voice would an alien have if he talked to you?
AR- Can you remember what your fathers voice sounds like?
F- How does it feel when you get a massage?
AD- when people look down and To the right they are probably talking to themselves.

So how can this help you? Well besides knowing when someone is lying (you ask a question their eyes move to the left meaning they are constructing an image or a sound) you can understand how you operate.

If for example you’re afraid of swimming then every time you’re near a pool you’re creating your fear by using the representational systems. It can be using AD, (“swimming is scary”) and then using VC to imagine yourself drowning.

by understanding your process you can change it. If you don’t exactly know your process a friend can help you by asking questions about your experience and looking at your eyes.

In this video you can see a demonstration.

4Understand the law of opposite result. If you’ll go to sleep and can’t sleep what will you do? You’ll try to fall asleep but every effort you’ll make will result in just the opposite. Sleep is relaxation, you can’t will it to happen and the more you’ll try the more detrimental it will be. The only way to fall asleep is to do nothing.

This happens in many areas. If you try to remember a name or a face and you feel that it’s on the tip of your tongue, the more you’ll try to remember, it won’t come. Usually you’ll do something else and suddenly it will come. You can’t force anything related to your subconscious.

If you want to fall asleep you can say to yourself that even if you won’t, it will still be ok and just lying in bed will help you refresh. Meditation is also a form of relaxation, you can’t force it. When you meditate don’t try to do something, simply relax and breath deeply.

5Don’t try to change others. Bayazid al-Bestami a Sufi mystic wrote in his autobiography:”when I was young I asked god to give me strength so I can change the world. I was a revolutionist and I wanted to change the world.

When I got older I started praying: It seems too much. my life are slipping through my fingers- nearly half of my life has passed and I haven’t changed even one person. maybe the whole world is too much. I said to god my family is enough let me change my family.

As I got older I understood that even my family is too much, and who am I to change them? I understood that if I’ll change myself it’ll be enough. I’ve prayed to god now I’ve come to the right conclusion. At least let me change myself.

God replied: now there is no time. You should have asked that at the beginning.”

Everyone understand that in the end. It’s important to understand that in the beginning. Even changing yourself isn’t easy, there is a whole world inside you. When you’ll change yourself you’ll see that everyone and everything else changed.

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  1. Liz says:

    Having spent several sleepless Sundays in a row now, I appreciate the analogy on forcing and subconscious! I wanted to suggest the book, Take the E Out of EGO and GO! It’s got tips on communication, on the importance of integrity, even communicating the spiritual aspects of life, related in large part to building business and doing well. Our egos and pride get in the way too much — and this is really valuable for getting them OUT of the way and prevent them from holding us back.

  2. shimon says:

    Hi Liz thanks for commenting. You’re right our ego sometimes gets in the way but it does so for a good reason. Our ego want’s to help us, it’s our job to find out why.

  3. BobMarche says:

    Thanks for the useful info. It’s so interesting

  4. Taney Dich says:

    Wow! Your article is amazing! It covers your point in so many different aspects. I remember learning about Kaizen in business management class. I like the way you think, it aligns with everything I believe in. I also love your support for your beliefs. It comes from different types of sources. GREAT JOB! I LOVE IT!

    Feel free to check out my blog @

    Keep up the good work! (=

    • shimon says:

      Hi Taney. Thanks for reading. I checked you blog and I love your article about our respect, great job.

  5. boyz says:

    nice tips. I agree with u, especially no 5 very good
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  6. sasi says:

    Thank you for the wonderful article.
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  7. health blog says:

    ah all these skills that are needing to live a happy life.
    I’d add another one will i’m there 6)Learn to say No and feel good about it.
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  9. Matthew says:

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  15. Meditating or praying in the morning helps to set the tone for your day and connects you to your higher power. Reading the Bible or another inspirational book can help to center you and keep you grounded. Feeling energetic is also a key to happiness and to self-esteem, so take steps to keep your energy high.
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  17. Hulk says:

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