How To Win Friends And Keep Them

9 Comments 22 June 2009

Relationships are a two way street. Think about relationships like a bank account, if you want to withdraw you have to deposit. In other words if you want to ask for favors you have to invest in the relationship first. The investment doesn’t have to be a favor, it can be a compliment or anything […]

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five Ideas To Improve Your Life

23 Comments 07 June 2009

In this post I’ve collected 5 beneficial ideas. You maybe familiar with some of them but do you implement them in your life? 1Utilize your opportunities. Al Pacino explains this principle in the video from the movie Any given Sunday. Every day there is at least one thing you can do for yourself that will […]

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How To Forgive Easily

7 Comments 04 May 2009

Reincarnation and soul mate Before entering the physical world souls organize themselves as families, groups, tribes, nations and great nations. There are seven souls in a family, seven families in a group, seven groups in a tribe and so on. Eventually you’ll work with most of your tribe members (343 souls). However some of us […]

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How to Overcome The Fear of Failure

10 Comments 24 March 2009

Usually the children who are good at something and talented are lauded and feted by society; there’s no room for the also-rans and the jack-of-all-trades in a world where you have to excel academically, have a flair for the arts, sing like a bird, dance like a peacock, play like a jock, and so on […]

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8 Obstacles To Using The Law Of Attraction Successfully

16 Comments 02 March 2009

Have you ever tried to use the law of attraction to achieve something in your life? Have you ever failed? Some people when they fail decide that “it is all just a big scam” or that they just weren’t “positive” enough. In this post I want to share eight impediments to using the law of […]

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How To Achieve Your Desired Outcome

9 Comments 23 December 2008

Many feel that they can achieve more, they feel that something is missing in their lives. There are many ways to achieve a desired outcome. In this post I want to describe two ways I find efficient. The first is to reverse the Do, Have, Be order. Most of us try to Do something (work,beauty […]

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How To Utilize The Power Of Words

37 Comments 06 November 2008

We use words all the time, we use them to convey our ideas to other people and influence them. Countless leaders used words to motivate people and to ultimately cause them to behave in a certain way. What we aren’t always aware of is that words are influencing us the moment we utter them. Did […]

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Resolve Your Inner Conflicts – Achieve More

5 Comments 31 October 2008

I want to tell you a true story. This is a story about a Japanese soldier called Hiroo Onoda. On December 17, 1944 the Japanese sent a group of soldiers to the Philippines to fight in the world war II. Onoda was stationed on a small island and after the Allied forces attacked the island […]

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